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Lymphoedema – when your contributions really make a difference!

We are delighted to share this useful article from the Irish Times on the effects of lymphoedema (disruption of the lymphatic system).  Many ovarian cancer survivors will be familiar with this debilitating condition, none more so than Audrey Tynan whom we met at the World Ovarian Cancer Day event in St. James’s Hospital in 2017.  A survivor of agressive cervical cancer, whose treatment included a radical hysterectomy and the removal of lymph nodes, Audrey explains that “lymphoedema has had a huge impact on my life.”  She describes it as “worse than cancer and it doesn’t let go – it’s a constant threat to my life.” Treatment of lymphoedema is very challenging and, in the article, Dr. Noreen Gleeson of St. James’s Gynaecological Oncology Department explains the vital role now being played by the new state-of-the art imaging equipment part-funded by the Emer Casey Foundation.  This has allowed surgeons to map patients’ lymph nodes more accurately, resulting in the removal of fewer nodes and reducing the incidence and severity of lymphoedema. The Foundation is delighted that our donation is having such a real and practical impact and thanks all our supporters for making it possible.